Vision McMillan Partners Move Forward in Entitlement Process

HPRB’s procedural denial of Raze Application for Underground Sand Filtration Cells sets the stage for Mayor’s Agent Hearing.  In response to a raze application for sixteen of the underground sand filtration cells on the McMillan Sand Filtration Site by Vision McMillan Partners (VMP), the D.C. Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB), in a standard response to historic development proposals seeking a permit for demolition, responded by letter today recommending that a permit not be issued.

While the HPRB voted unanimously in October of this year to support VMP’s redevelopment plans, it may not consider whether a project is one of “special merit” and instead routinely finds that demolition of historic structures is inconsistent with the preservation law. The recommendation sets the stage for a hearing before the Mayor’s Agent, who will evaluate the project for special merit and determine if demolition is permissible.

“Vision McMillan Partners is confident that our proposed project and related demolition of some underground cells will be deemed justified in the public interest to allow for a project special merit that provides jobs, affordable housing, the city’s largest new park and other significant benefits to the city and the communities surrounding the Sand Filtration Site.” said Anne Corbett, VMP Project Director.

The HPRB’s unanimous endorsement of the conceptual design plan for the site’s redevelopment will help support the case as one of special merit.

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