New HPRB Plans Submitted

Hello McMillan Friends,I would like to share a draft of our latest submission to the Historic Preservation Review Board.  We’ve spent most of the summer addressing the issues raised by the Board in July.  As you may recall, the Board accepted our Master Plan Guidelines for the site, but asked us to address four key issues — the Tripartite organization, the edge conditions, the architectural cohesion and the North Service Court design.

To that end, you’ll see new layouts and building designs, bigger setbacks with a restored Olmsted Walk around the entire site, a reduced color palette and Master Plan that gives a greater sense of cohesion by sticking to one color palette, and coordinated storefront designs to better amplify the Historic Assets in the North Service Court.

We have requested a hearing by HPRB at their October meeting, and will be sharing it in community via the MAG and ANC 5E.  We look forward to seeing you at these meetings and hope you’ll take the time to look at these new designs.

Tania Jackson
Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator
Vision McMillan Partners