ANC 5C Votes to Support McMillan Plans

ANC 5C Votes to Support the plan for McMillan

On Monday night Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5C held a Special Meeting at St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church, and voted to support the Vision McMillan plan for redevelopment of the site.

Councilmembers Kenyan McDuffie (D-Ward 5) and Michael Brown (I-At Large) were both present and spoke about the site.  Councilmember McDuffie expressed support for the current plan citing his work as a former MAG member and the jobs that will be generated by development.  Councilmember Brown, who chairs the committee on Economic Development, urged residents to attend his planned roundtable on the site.

Project Director Anne Corbett presented the new site plan, which adds another acre of green space, expanding the view down North Capitol and restoring the Olmstead Walk along the eastern side of the site.  The central park now expands to take on a “T” shape, and retains the 170-foot height, with a center section that essentially takes the lid off of a cell, exposing the columnar structure and creating space for an amphitheater that will sit among the “ruins” of the filter bed.

Anne also shared the three recreation center sites options presented to the MAG, and described the team’s plan to exceed DDOE’s storm water management requirements and follow the EPA standard for 100% capture of rainfall on the site.

The ANC voted to support the master plan with a detailed resolution that includes the history of their involvement with the site, the promises made by VMP and the intent to continue to work with VMP to shape the details of the design and implementation plan.

Community Center Concepts Shared

Community Center Concepts Shared

This past Saturday VMP shared its proposed concept for the community center at McMillan. Playing on the history of water filling the underground chambers, EEK has sketched a facility centered around a pool housed in one of the preserved filtration cells.

Light would stream through the manholes and windows along the exposed sides of the cell into both a fitness center and a 20M pool. A glass walled multipurpose room would be perched above the cell with dramatic views across the new Central Park to the east and the federal reservoir to the west.

Locating the facility in the cell will maximize its accessibility as well as leverage the preservation funds, thereby maximizing the facility’s size within the existing District budget for the project.

What do you think of the concept?