We’re Live!

Good Morning!
We have now officially rolled out the remixed, restyled and renewed EnvisionMcMillan.com.  The new site is designed to give a better picture of what is planned, and provide opportunity for feedback and interaction.   If you want to access reports, drawings and all of our information it’s all organized on the Resources page. Check out the Twitter timeline and follow us @VisionMcMillan.  Look for more updates and images but most of all . . .
We are also debuting our Vision Video, which will be shown at today’s HPRB hearing, as well!  The video gives a more cohesive view of the entire site design, with fly throughs that show the park, Olmsted walk, service corridors, and buildings in context, so that you can see how McMillan will look when it’s built.
Please take the time to look around here.  If you experience any glitches, feel free to email me at mcmsalon@gmail.com.  Thanks to all who took the time to tweet or email us with questions– we try to respond and repair as quickly as possible.
Tania Jackson
Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator


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