How will traffic be impacted?

The site will include both new east-west streets and a new north-south street that will reconnect it to the city grid. Traffic relief at 1st and Michigan, North Capitol and Michigan, and on Channing as a whole are integral parts of our plan. VMP will build a transit hub near Michigan Ave. as a comfortable, convenient place to access bus, bike, and carshare options. The team will advocate tirelessly for the addition of premium transit options to the neighborhood in an effort to improve the ability to travel to and from the area. Finally, VMP plans to restore and expand the Olmsted Walk around the site and include hiker-biker trails through the site, improving the overall ability to traverse the entire site.


You can read the entire Transportation Impact Study or a five-page summary with diagrams of recommendations.

Proposed transit improvements in area include both streetcar and bus services. More information can be found via these links.


80s bus (N Cap St line):

Will it be environmentally sustainable?

Yes, the project is working to be certified Gold for LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) by incorporating a variety of Low-Impact Development tools to minimize its negative effects on the environment. These tools include rain gardens, extensive tree cover, gutters with openings to tree pits, pervious pavement, a stormwater pond, green roofing, recycling, and re-using stormwater on-site. See more here.  Individual buildings within the PUD site will be certified at least LEED Silver on its Green Communities equivalent.

What amenities will there be for existing residents?

Area residents will now have full access to:

  • 8 acre public Central Park;
  • North and South Service Courts, including the preserved historic regulator houses, sand storage silos and sand washers;
  • Over two more acres of open space in total including Cell 14, Healing Gardens and the Olmsted Walk;
  • A high-quality public Community Center with a pool, fitness center, multipurpose rooms, gallery space, and connection to preserved underground Cell 28;
  • A full service Grocery Store;
  • Over 88,000 SF of neighborhood-serving retail;
  • State-of-the-art Healthcare Facilities