How big will the park be?

The central park space will be about 8 acres including a community center, indoor pool, outdoor “sprayground” and playground, natural amphitheater, stormwater pond, and a “Walking Museum” that tells the history of the site.

Here’s how all of the park space adds up:

  1. Preserved Cell 14—14,141 SF
  2. Healing Garden West—9,296 SF
  3. Healing Garden East—14,078 SF
  4. Olmsted Walk West—14,475 SF
  5. Olmsted Walk East—17,174 SF
  6. South Court—75,861 SF (1.8 acres)
  7. Central Park—272,031 SF (6.2 acres)

TOTAL park space:

444,056 SF = 10.2 acres


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